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Perhaps it’s pretty transparent by now that the human body is a construction of complements: Adam/Eve, Mother/Father, Virgin Mary/Mary Magdalene, light and dark, And/both. Everything/Nothing. Masculine/Feminine. With that understanding there is still a sacred call and massive necessity to cultivate FEMININE ENERGY, to till the energy out of the nutrient-deficit soil into greater light and full blooms.
I write a lot about feminine energy, partly because of the confusion, bewilderment, and turmoil surrounding this courageous energy.  Most people process life through a masculine lens only—that’s the confusion we learn and operate within. Many women were taught the illusions of femininity, and like their mothers, find themselves imbalanced, tired with heavy periods and other womb issues, lacking the tools and wisdom to procure magic and miracles, and existing outside of ease and pleasure. Believe it or not, intentionally cultivating feminine energy is blooming greater balance into our bodies, lives, and planet.
First lets distinguish feminine energy from a LEARNED FEMININE PRESENCE, which tells women to cross our legs, wear make-up and hi-heels, and get our hair and nails done. By the way, I love those things too (smiles)! But feminine energy is the soft, yielding, mysterious and quiet. Loud and intentional, slow and deliberate, transformative (destructive/disorganized). Nourishing, wild, wise, intuitive, organized and tidy, messy and chaotic, multi-orgasmic, healthy, abundant, and magic within. Feminine energy is the inner medicine woman who knows the many uses of aloe, burdock root, and sexual connection. 
Cultivating feminine energy and tapping into pleasure is connecting to the magic & mystery of your very existence. It’s embracing all of life’s experiences with an inner smile and deep knowingness that at the very core of your nature, you are balanced, whole, God/Goddess reincarnate, and connected to everything around you. You are nature. You are love and sensuality. You are everything and nothing. And from this sacred space, you can call forth your inner masculine in the outward reflection of another person (a lover) and/or pursue transformation in your life. Nothing is separate and all is connected because true transformation can ONLY come from accepting responsibility for life’s experiences.
We can’t truly change ANYTHING outside of ourselves is the greater point.  
This is pretty much the theme of my BRAND NEW BOOK COMING TO AMAZON "You Look Like Something Blooming!!!"
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